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VantagePoint 9 Forex Pairs



9 VantagePoint Forex Pairs. Choose from the following:

Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar British Pound / U.S. Dollar Euro / U.S. Dollar
New Zealand Dollar / U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar / Brazilian Real U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
U.S. Dollar / Indian Rupee U.S. Dollar / Israeli Shekel U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
U.S. Dollar / Mexican Peso U.S. Dollar / Singapore Dollar U.S. Dollar / South African Rand
U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc    

Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar
Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc British Pound / Australian Dollar British Pound / Canadian Dollar
British Pound / Japanese Yen British Pound / New Zealand Dollar British Pound / Swiss Franc
Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc Euro / Australian Dollar
Euro / British Pound Euro / Canadian Dollar Euro / Japanese Yen
Euro / New Zealand Dollar Euro / Swiss Franc New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc Singapore Dollar / Japanese Yen
Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen    

*Pair selection will be made when your account manager contacts you to activate your new product.

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